Which things of ‘Digital’ are we using?(3 Three Key Factors or Classification about ‘Digital’)

Which things of ‘Digital’ are we using?(3 Three Key Factors or Classification about ‘Digital’)
The keyword ‘Digital’ is strongly related to our life, and having effect on every moments. However, a process for its description is different by each person.

If you ask someone ‘How do you use ‘Digital’ ?’, most people will be able to explain about it because they have their own words and experiences to explain about digital. However, it is hard to describe it conceptually on the area, ‘Digital’.

Which things of ‘Digital’ are we using?
Even though a lot of considerations is necessary, it can be classified to three steps or process

  • Process
  • Service >= Process
  • Platform >= Service >= Process

Before a description of each factor, it is essential to explain about the basic premise.
To be made up ‘Digital’, ‘Data’ is a vital element.
For example, written record by pen or pencil (on paper) must be transformed to digital language like ‘0101001101000…’.

Finally, all activities, behaviors, or works are being mostly executed by electronic devices instead of analogue methods in the past.

1. Process

It is the step or processing to apply ‘Data’
This is the stages to lead a result from data processing or application instead of doing something manually.
For example,
a) Calculating numbers
b) Delivering essential information for shipment
c) Giving payment information
The above ways may be simple or complicated by situations.

2. Service

It is a sum of ‘Process’ ( ‘1’ on the above)
Even though one process can be a service,
generally, it is a combination of processes to meet needs for each person.
For example,
“Health Check Service (Virtual Name)” is
a) Check the total number of walk (to be ‘Data’)
b) Check health status by checking the total number of walk
c) Give a health guide by checking the total number of walk and health status
If it is divided to the three steps,
Each step or stage can be defined to ‘Process’, and finally it can be the service, called ‘ Health Check Service (Virtual Name)’, by combining each step or stage.

3. Platform

It is a sum of ‘Service’ ( ‘2’ on the above)
Like ‘Service’ ( ‘2’ on the above), ‘Service’ can be ‘Platform’ as a independent factor.
However, commonly, combination of services is platform
For example,
a) Analytics Service
b) G-mail (Communication Service)
c) Search
Like the above classification or case, platform is called or defined to the sum of services.
The following is the types of platform:
– Mobile WEB
– Mobile Application (APP)
– Kiosk
– Chatbot

Comparing the above descriptions to house,
House (Platform) > Room (Service) > Furniture (Process)

Because the way to describe about ‘Digital’ can be different by each person, it is hard to explain about ‘Digital’ through the three things or factors on the above. However, without description about the above contents, you will be hard to understand about ‘Digital’, and make its concept formation.

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