5 Roles & Truths of A.I and Chatbot Recruiting

5 Roles & Truths of A.I and Chatbot Recruiting

As recruiting season is coming, recruiting process by A.I or A.I chatbot has been recently introduced. Mainly, it is generally utilized by major companies having high technology and capital strength.

Even though there are a lot of negative views that a machine judges human, most companies try to introduce A.I or A.I chatbot recruiting process because it can be rather objective than the human. Personally, I think that both are right view.

So then, now, how do companies utilize A.I technologies?

This article will be able to analyze how companies utilize A.I technologies for their recruiting process in the realistic view, although it is so hard to exactly know about which technology is being utilized.

FAQ and QnA

The first case of utilizing A.I for recruiting is mainly ‘chatbot’. Of course, most companies commonly develop a simple chatbot in the initial stage. However, as related data to recruiting process has been accumulated, they are being ready to upgrade the simple chatbot to A.I chatbot.

Practically, A.I chatbot can make answers most applicants frequently ask questions. Also, it sometimes give common conditions for ‘Pass’ by analyzing the data of accumulated successful candidates. Compared to the past, directly getting answers via A.I chatbot is more efficient and effective.

IBM KOREA는 챗봇을 통해 채용 관련 질문을 받고 있다.
IBM KOREA get related questions to recruitment, such as schedule and Process
IBM KOREA get related questions to recruitment, such as schedule and Process

Application by Chatbot

Until now, there are just few companies doing all recruiting process via chatbot. Some of them often receives only applications or a letter of self-introduction through A.I chatbot. However, in the near future, we will be able to find the company doing all recruiting process via A.I chatbot, which means that recruiting web site won’t be needed anymore.

After getting more data and know-hows about that, doing all recruiting process via A.I chatbot will become new paradigm in the recruiting market because it is technically possible.

Analyzing a letter of self-introduction

In the A.I recruiting area, this is the part which most companies actively utilize. Commonly, most applicants submit a letter of self-introduction with resume. In the past, those letters were generally checked by recruiters, and it was so hard to check all plagiarized letters.

However, by introducing A.I technologies, such as machine learning and deep learning, A.I can exactly figure out which letter is plagiarized or not. Also, it can make an offer which letter of self-introduction is the most creative by comparing various letters in other external channels.

인공지능은 자기소개서의 표절 및 유사도를 정확하게 분석할 수 있다.
A.I Technology Can Exactly Analyze a Letter of Self-Introduction for its Plagiarism and Similarity
A.I Technology Can Exactly Analyze a Letter of Self-Introduction for its Plagiarism and Similarity

It is like a process to write one’s graduation thesis with a check of plagiarism. However, A.I is not to just do a simple search for its similarity, but to do detailed search and inference after loading the writing.

By the way, a standard to judge a similarity of the writing is generally decided by a company or recruiter. This being so, I think a new issue about the standard will be coming because most applicants will be curious about why they are fail or pass.

However, now, they should practically consider it as the process like writing one’s graduation thesis.

Analysis of Applicant’s Personality

With analysis of a letter of self-introduction, the hottest part is analysis of applicant’s personality. Most companies figure out applicants’ personality by utilizing related survey. But, from now, they can exactly and easily analyze applicants’ personality by checking a letter of self-introduction, basic personal information, and portfolios. Checking them is all done by A.I.

Of course, even though most companies do not trust all information of applicants’ personality by A.I, the information could be important standard to firstly judge the applicants. In reality, we can directly experience it through demo-service by typical IT company.

IBM WATSON Personality Insight 을 통해 본인의 성향을 알아볼 수 있다.
We Can Know Our Personality via IBM WATSON Personality Insight
We Can Know Our Personality via IBM WATSON Personality Insight

A company can exactly find the right person for them by analyzing personality of applicants. In the aspect of company, it is the process to reduce a risk.

1st Cut-off by A.I

This is related to the above topics. Finally, if all process on the above is possible, in reality, recruiters can easily pick up the interviewee as the next step.

In other words, A.I can make decisions and offers for successful candidates by itself. Recruiters just finally check whether it is right or not. If they do not want the results offered by A.I, they will be able get satisfied results by controlling standards or thresholds.

In reality, few companies utilizing this process are emerging. This being so, from the next year, this process will be the mainstream in the recruiting market.


Although some people expects that A.I will interview job candidates, it is realistically not possible yet.

This is because there are some process we should get used to, such as ethical issues or social compromises. Also, it is technically difficult, so far.

Still Make a Decision by Human…

그래도 최종 결정은 사람이 한다.
Anyway, A Final Decision Is Made By Human
Anyway, A Final Decision Is Made By Human

As a result, A.I is still be utilized as a tool to help the human’s activities. Recruiting process is the same. Final decision is made by the human. However, the certain thing is that A.I in the future will do more works than now.

The candidate needs to strategically utilize this trend, and the employers should try so hard that all recruiting process by A.I is more objective and clear.

Personally. I think that new A.I for applicants will be introduced soon.
By 5 Roles & Truths of A.I and Chatbot Recruiting

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