Chatbot Trend 2020: Executive Summary (Prologue / Epilogue)

Chatbot Trend 2020: Executive Summary (Prologue / Epilogue)

 챗봇 트렌드 2020: 총 정리 및 요약 (프롤로그 / 에필로그)
 Chatbot Trend 2020: Executive Summary (Prologue / Epilogue)
Chatbot Trend 2020: Executive Summary (Prologue / Epilogue)

Chatbot Trend 2020: Prologue

Recently, a chatbot is so closed to our daily life. Moreover, with improvement of A.I technologies, a chatbot has become not simple anymore. It can do self-learning by machine learning and deep learning, and can provide a lot of information and contents for 24 hours / 365 days. Most of all, more chatbot services will be introduced, because it is being easier to make it than before.

Also, with easy production and improvement of A.I technologies, it is now making a new paradigm. A border between provider and consumer has collapsed. In other words, entry barrier to plan and make A.I chatbot is being lower. Even, this situation is making a potential to change economic cycle.

Now, a chatbot is becoming a main tool to do communication in our daily life. And, it is little changing our daily life. From the next year, real successful cases for chatbots will emerge. These successful cases will be based on the consumer group, called ‘UnTact’ ‘Chatbot’ ‘Digital’ Consumer. They are the group to buy something on non face-to-face channels, such as web, mobile web, mobile app, and chatbot.

So then, what are the coming trends or changes in the next year, 2020?

Chatbot Trend 2020: Main Contents

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Chatbot Trend 2020: Absence of No.1 in Chatbot Market 2020

Even though a chatbot is popularized, there is no No.1 company in the market, so far. A competition among big companies is still going on, and no one can easily expect the end of it.

Chatbot Trend 2020: Coming New Era for 1 Person 1 Bot(A.I Chatbot)

As A.I development platform has easy UI(User Interface) and UX(User Experience), entry barrier to make A.I chatbot is being lower. By this trend, it is expected that a person will have at least one chatbot for themselves. I want to say it is the era for 1 person 1 bot.

Chatbot Trend 2020: Chatbot Connection Society (Sum of Bot and Bot)

As a lot of chatbots is introduced, Chatbot Connection Society will begin, which means that a chatbot will connect another chatbot having different skill or capability.

Chatbot Trend 2020: UX Revolution Led by Chatbot

Introduction of chatbot will change an entrenched line of thought about UI(User Interface) and UX(User Experience) in the era of web.

Chatbot Trend 2020: New Buying Pattern(UnTact/Chatbot Consumer)

By introduction of chatbot, new buying pattern will make an appearance from the next year. And, new customer group leading the pattern will appear at the same time. They are generally called ‘UnTact’ ‘Chatbot’ consumer group. It is like a tribe. They want minimized contact to someone, and want to get something they want through non face-to-face channels, such as web, mobile, chatbot, and something like those.

Chatbot Trend 2020: Forecast by Industry (Finance/Healthcare/E-Commerce)

Chatbot Trend 2020: Forecast by Industry (Culture/Education/Government)

Now, a chatbot is growing so fast in the industry areas closed to our daily life. Typically, it is finance and e-commerce industry. Except for them, a chatbot will be actively utilized in various areas.

Chatbot Trend 2020: Coming 3 Typical Social Issue and Problem

These trends about chatbot will make unexpected social issues and problems. Until the present, discussions about that is little conceptual and abstract. However, From now, realistic discussions will begin soon.

Chatbot Trend 2020: Epilogue

As a chatbot is closely coming to our daily life, it will make positive changes. It means that new chatbot services having A.I technologies will have practical and realistic effects.

No one can easily expect the result and storyline for chatbot. However, if following the trends in the chatbot market, we will be able to pretty infer the near future. Even though the articles on the above might be all wrong, it will be hard to survive and adapt to the coming future and the era of high technology, if there are not these discussions or considerations.

I really hope that ‘Chatbot Trend 2020’ is very helpful for all visitors and readers, and will be continue to introduce main events or news related to A.I chatbot or similar things.

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