Digital Career: Preparation for Job-seeker / Job Search

Digital Career: Preparation for Job-seeker / Job Search

By an effect of 4th industrial revolution,
most people will hear about the related keywords to digital or artificial intelligence.

Because of this trend,
those keywords are becoming a sensation for job seeker or job searcher.

Digital is on everywhere
Digital is on everywhere
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From them, the most frequent questions are like ‘What should I do to work in digital area?’ or ‘What things should I know or study to work in digital area?’. These are the basic questions.

“Actually, it is so natural.”

Now, as the person working in digital area, the something I thought is that there are few people or communities to solve these questions.

Even though there are some small communities or study groups,
they do not have systematic curriculum, and guarantee about a certainty and reliability of information.

What should we do?
What should we do?

What should you prepare for?

There is the another question before the answer.
It is the question like “Why do you want ‘Digital’?”

To make the answer for the another question,
you need to know your own fundamental characteristics.

This is so basic part.

For example,
it is like ‘I like to deliver my ideas to someone’,
or ‘I slowly think something’

You never have to fake it.

With analysis of your characteristics,
it is essential to make the reasons to work in digital area, and then consider that which parts of digital area are well-matched to the characteristics.

If finishing, it will be easy to set a logic about the reason.

Even though anyone knows your characteristics, no one can decide if you can work in digital area.

By the way, if you don’t consider about this, you won’t have a long run in digital area having its detailed route or path.

The Answer about “Why Do You Want To Work In Digital Area?” is more than half about digital career preparation.

Why do you want 'Digital'?
Why do you want ‘Digital’?

If as a interviewer I enter in the interview,
I can think that most candidates make the prepared answers.
However, they realize that their reasoning is weaker than expected by getting more detailed questions and professional knowledge.

It means that they did not have enough time to think about its reasons and considerations.
Then, I sometimes feel that they were not ready for working in digital area.
This might bot be only problem for the digital area.

At a guess, they don’t know about how to prepare for working in digital area, rather than are not ready.

In Digital area, there are a lot of people not making answer about why do you want 'Digital'?
In Digital area, there are a lot of people not making answer about why do you want ‘Digital’?

If taking a close look,
digital area is a collection of various areas, and also inherent area.

( Reference Link: Is there ‘Digital Career’? )

Digital is innate and independent, and applied area to other areas.
Digital is innate and independent, and applied area to other areas

In other words,
as applied area or combined area,
digital area is the area based on various knowledge and information of other areas.

And realistically,
I think it is the area which most people learn by On-The-Job Training.
*So, I often advice it might be better to apply and join small enterprise or web agency as a starting point.

However, its preparation is obviously needed.

Which information or knowledge should we prepare for?
The following is the practical and essential factors for working in digital area, rather than for a pass of the interview.
(It might be a little subjective.)

#Trend Analysis + Attention

Digital is recently hot area.
In other words, it is ‘Trend’.
In a real world, digital area expects you information and analysis of trend.
As a result, you need to know social trend in now, and then get more attention if you do not have interest about trend.

#Basic Knowledge About IT

Digital is strongly related to IT.
However, digital is not IT.
( Reference Link: Is there ‘Digital Career’? )
Nevertheless, you will be able to effectively and efficiently work if you have a lot of knowledge and information about IT.

You don’t have to get its detailed and more professional knowledge and information.
The basic things are enough to work in digital area.

#App/Web Analysis You Are Using / Its Experiences, and Why?

Actually, this is so important.
This is because its process will show your view and style when you work in digital area later.

In real, there are a lot of question and topics in the interviews.
If you have already experiences on other areas, it will be better to analyze previous companies’ web or app.

Also, your work style and characteristics through this process will be the key factor to decide its detailed path of digital career.
(Detailed career path in digital will be dealt with later.)

#Related Books

Even though I do not strongly recommend this,
it will be better to buy a book of the following topics.

– UI (User Interface) / UX (User Experience)
– IT Basic Knowledge
– Statistics / Web Log
– A Collection of Web / App / Service (related to Award)

Digital Career: Preparation for Job-seeker / Job Search

Actually, in addition to the above factors,
I do not recommend excessive study to get more professional knowledge.

‘Definition about Why?” is the most important thing for preparation of digital career, and rest of it is just optional or low priority.

In society or daily life, digital might be gorgeous and good, however, it couldn’t be beautiful or fine in the view of working level.

This being so, preparation about reason to work in digital area is the most critical, and the professional things are its next.

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