Is there ‘Digital Career’?

Is there ‘Digital Career’?
The keyword ‘Digital’ is strongly related to our life.
In super-connected society, a lot of companies make a profit by ‘Digital’, and this flow has an effect on our behavior.

This trend is a big concern of people, who has concern about future and is ready to get a job.

Also, this is making various questions:

“What should I do if I do ‘Digital’?”
“What kind of tasks should I do?”
“Is there any certificates about ‘Digital’?”

In addition to the above questions, there are a lot of people having detailed or philosophical questions; however, detailed topics about this will be treated later.

So, why do these questions appear?
This is because most big companies execute digital project as one-off, and just give ‘to-do-list’ to their employees or project members without description or conception about ‘Digital’. Actually, there is only a few people to explain about that.

Most people understand that ‘Digital’ is ‘Business’ or ‘IT(Information Technology)’. Most of them misunderstand that IT is Digital because both is similar. However,

” ‘Digital’ has its own characteristics or area “

Even though, there is some intersections to other areas, it is definitely independent area, and knowledge, information, and skill for ‘Digital’ are very complicated in comparison with other areas.

In short,
‘Digital’ is very complicated area as collection by some factors of other areas.
It might be difficult or hard to understand, however, it will be not difficult if thinking a sum of the existing knowledge, information, and skill in our life.

The key message or next point is what type of collaboration about knowledge, information, and skill will help ‘Digital Career’.

“There is Digital Career”

So, let’s look into what kind of works about ‘Digital’ should we do

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