Chatbot Preparation: Business Analysis

Chatbot Preparation: Business Analysis
What things should be prepared for chatbot introduction or preparation?

What things should be prepared for chatbot introduction?

Most people think it is ‘technology’ or ‘investment’ for chatbot introduction.

Of course,
even though it is not wrong,
preparations for chatbot introduction is unexpectedly not technology or investment, but a nature of ‘Business’.

In other words,
business analysis in operation is the first and critical factor.

Chatbot can give a lot of things to every moments on our life.

However, chatbot is not magic.

Chatbot is not magic

Chatbot is a robot making a chat (=a chatting robot).
It is not a human.
A type of chatbot must be decided.
And, it is essential to plan its structure and architecture, and teach chatbot for more natural conversation.
(More detailed contents about type of chatbot and how to develop chatbot will be uploaded on the other feeds, later.)

In other words,
chatbot is more labor-incentive than expected.

Chatbot is more labor-incentive than expected.

This being so,
it is needed to know characteristics and customers of business.
On business view,
more important thing is to analyze a purchase/use pattern and business channel.

Through that process,
you should decide if which parts chatbot can support on the business, and set-up its goal (especially, on chatbot).
The part may be already good, or bad.

Also, chatbot’s goal should be clear.

Chatbot’s goal should be clear.

When most companies introduce and operate chatbot or A.I tools,
the biggest problem is that chatbot’s goal is unclear, and try to upload all business to their chatbot.

Chatbot is just one of channel or tool for support.
It would be premature that chatbot can execute and do all business.

For example,
in the case of company having a lot of waiting calls on daily,
chatbot introduction will be very successful,
if can give simple and clear answers via chatbot,
and then, reduce waiting calls via chatbot.

This is because all things, such as a nature of business, customer buying pattern, and its goal, are well-matched.

As a result,
if chatbot is introduced without this consideration (on the above),
a percentage for lose is more increased on the view of long term.

It is better to expand business coverage by certainty of its goal.

After recently passing a fitst boom of chatbot,
some companies, preparing re-development and introducing chatbot as a second mover, are being ready for this consideration.

A few companies of them are trying to get phase approach, which means making from small feature or service for bigger or more perfect chatbot.
It is called ‘Agile Process’ on the industry.

Finally, this trend can be construed as a mature step for chatbot market or business, which means that chatbot is wholly becoming one of channel and business.

As a result, chatbot is:

  • Not all-round tool
  • One of channels or tools for support
  • Unexpectedly labor-incentive
  • Therefore, the most important thing is to set-up chatbot’s goal by analyzing business and its nature before the initial investment and introduction

In a way, even though it is very natural story or content,
they have been forgotten by fantasy about chatbot and A.I.

Finally again,
for successful chatbot,
analyzing business is the most critical and important before its introduction or preparation.

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