Chatbot Preparation: Executive Summary

Chatbot Preparation: Executive Summary

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Chatbot Preparation: Executive Summary
Chatbot Preparation: Executive Summary

There are a lot of considerations before a step of planning and development for chatot. Through these processes, it should make your business to be able to get positive effects.

The following is the executive summary of the articles about chatbot preparation. I hope that all people reading them will be able to get effective and positive results or contents in the next step, ‘Planning’ or ‘Development’.

Chatbot Preparation: Business Analysis

The first part for chatbot preparation is business analysis. With a goal your business seeks, it is the process to set up which roles or which purposes your chatbot will take.

It is more important to create fundamental goal and value of chatbot than focusing on trends or improved technology.

Chatbot Preparation: Service Analysis

This is the process to list points of contact to the customer. In other words, you have to find the services creating a real value. As its next step, it is essential to arrange all processes of each service.

And then, if you are done with filling in all information of your service, you will be able to judge and decide what services your chatbot will take.

Chatbot Preparation: Customer Analysis

It is the process to do demographic analysis for the people using your business, which means the process to make customer profiles by such as age group, sex, visit frequency, and its related information. Through this process, the chatbot service you have thought about your chatbot in the future can be changed by a specific factor of the customer profile. It will be a standard to choose strategic options, such as making it function-oriented or UX-oriented.

Chatbot Preparation: Competitor and Market Analysis

Analysis of competitors and market is the process check again about your position in the market. At the same time, it will be the step to consider about how to crack the fixed and accumulated market structure through the chatbot.

Especially, in the case of chatbot, its strategy for entering in the market should be deeply and seriously considered because chatbots in the present are not perfect and not A.I yet.

Through this consideration, its strategies or directions you have considered can be partially changed. Therefore, this process is so important.


All processes I have introduced on the above may be not everything about chatbot preparation. However, even though you did not went through them, it will be hard to know the reason of its success or fail. I hope that all people reading the above can selectively utilize information on the above.


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