Chatbot Planning: Platform Selection (UI: User Interface / Front-end)

Chatbot Planning: Platform Selection (UI: User Interface / Front-end)

Platform selection for the chatbot is so important and essential process because it cannot be operated by itself. Chatbot platform has the two types.

One of them is the platform to show something on display (called ‘Front-end’ or ‘UI: User Interface’), and another one is the development platform to run the chatbot (called ‘Back-end).

This article will deal with the part about front-end or user interface. On daily life, most people have already experienced about chatbots. So, where is the chatbot on our daily life?

챗봇은 어디에 있을까요?
Where is the chatbot on our daily life?
Where is the chatbot on our daily life?

Messenger Application:
KAKAO / Facebook / Whats App / WeChat / Etc.

The medium to make the chatbot spread out in the outside world is ‘Messenger Application’ in SNS(Social Network Service). Public interest about chatbot was sharply increased by the presentation of Facebook CEO, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg in 2016. In the presentation, he introduced messaging API, which was the key functions for the chatbot.

Actually, the conclusive reason to lead a lot of interests about chatbot on the messenger platform is that we frequently and much use it.

Even though No.1 messenger platform or service is different in each country, its inherent value is all the same. The chatbot has a big opportunity or chance that the people using messenger service can get any information they want without running other applications or opening web pages.

As a typical example, few airline companies created their corporate ID on the messenger platform, applied the chatbot to it, and offer essential information the customer want in real time. (such as flight ticket reservation, check the reservation, and flight time information)

If the companies make their chatbot and offer the service via it, as the business view, they will be able to quickly and easily communicate with the customers.

On the other hands, it will be a risk that the customers easily have a sick of the chatbot if doing too much communication and being a lack of functions.

Also, in the case of using the messenger platform, the company should know that they only use the APIs which the messenger platform company provides. Therefore, the company having a plan to make the chatbot should consider that it is hard to make a shape and type of the services they want.

REFERENCE: KLM on Messenger – Case Study

KLM은 페이스북 메신저 챗봇을 통해 다양한 정보를 제공한다.
KLM provides various information about your flights on Facebook Messenger.
KLM provides various information about your flights on Facebook Messenger.

Web + Application (PC / Mobile)

As a chatbot become popular and anyone can easily approach its development platform, various types of the chatbot on the web started to appear.

A shape of the chatbot on the web is similar to UI (User Interface) on the messenger application. In the case of this, the chatbot can be independently applied on your business platform or web site. This case is not subordinate to the messenger application or platform. (Example: MongoDB Website)

Also, in this case, it has a positive point that your business can freely offer the services you want. In addition, the chatbot is able to help to improve bounce rate and weak parts on the web site.

On the other hands, it is not easy for the people to frequently visit the web site rather than the messenger platform. This being so, it should be seriously considered about how to strategically offer the chatbot services on the web site.

PC홈페이지에 탑재된 챗봇 예시: MongoDB.com
Example for the Chatbot on Website: MongoDB.com
Example for the Chatbot on Website: MongoDB.com

Kiosk + A.I Speaker having a Display

Someone says there will be a robot per a person in the future. We are already experiencing the pre-stage of the future. A typical case is the kiosk.

In the case of few franchise restaurants, kiosk takes the customer orders. Even though it is hard to say it has perfect conversation, finally, it takes the orders through communication with the customers. And then, the customers get something they want.

A process of typing something on kiosk is the same as on the messenger. In the future, this situation will be combined with technologies of A.I speaker, which means that kiosk will be changed and developed to a shape of robot.

Kiosk has a good point that it can quickly offer something the customers want because its flow proceed by scenario type rather than chatting type.

However, kiosk has a high barrier to entry because a big investment must be needed. This is because it is so expensive. Nevertheless, few industries can change its environment by investing a lot because its achievement and value is so clear.

맥도날드 매장의 주문 키오스크
Kiosk Ordering System in McDonald
Kiosk Ordering System in McDonald

Chatbot Planning: Platform Selection
(UI: User Interface / Front-end)

Based on information by analysis on the preparation stage, it is necessary to offer and decide what services will be offered and which platform will be utilized to make effective services.

If considering combination with A.I (Artificial Intelligence), it will be critical to quickly gather data or information by chatbot. Therefore, it should be decided to select the chatbot platform for UI (User Interface), where the customers effectively and frequently use, and where clear value and valuable services can be offered in the business view.

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