10 Commandments for 4th Industrial Revolution and A.I Era


Recently, most students, workers, and even retirees, are worrying about the future in seeing changing world. This is from the keyword, “4th Industrial Revolution” or “Artificial Intelligence”. Most media and people use related words to A.I or robot, and this flow is making students or existing workers to get burden. Actually, I’m getting related questions to ready for the future.

So then, let’s see a real change in the market.

4th industrial revolution technologies have no choice but to affect all industries due to characteristics of its technologies. In the real world, those technologies are affecting all industries, and most companies are investing a lot of their budget in those technologies. This being so, they are actively hiring talented people having related technologies to 4th industrial revolution. However now, there is a lack of those manpower, such as A.I specialist. So, in the view of government policy, most countries are making new educational program to promote professionals having high technologies, such A.I, IoT, Chatbot, VR, and AR. Because now is the initial stage, you do not need to urgently think about this trend. However, the certain thing is that the future will be more quickly changing, and you should get minimized ready for those future.

So, this article suggests 10 commandments for ready of 4th industrial revolution and artificial intelligence era.

산업별 연간 인공지능 소프트웨어 매출 예상액: 2018~2025년
Annual AI Software Revenue by Industry, World Markets: 2018-2025
Annual AI Software Revenue by Industry, World Markets: 2018-2025

10 Commandments for 4th Industrial Revolution and A.I Era

10 Commandments for 4th Industrial Revolution and A.I Era

4th Industrial Revolution will be surely completed. Recognize it.

Someone says like this, “It is still too distant future”. Of course, some of related stories may be far away. However, if one of related items or services utilizing 4th industrial technologies is completely successful, its application to our daily life will be faster and faster. Its speeds won’t be able to stop. Generally, most companies do not open their actions or results about tests associated with 4th industrial revolution technologies. So, most people cannot know what A.I services will be coming. However, in the near future, those services will be coming with surprising things. 4th industrial revolution will be surely coming. Recognize it.

Do not afraid of A.I

Humanity has been being upgraded with going through the period of transition. This fact was proved in the previous industrial revolution. Even though the transition period may be temporarily painful, it will finally make our daily life to be improved. And, recently, because there are a lot of related new education programs and financial aid by government, we need to strategically utilize this trend or flow.

Utilize related education program and internet

In worldwide, government’s budget to 4th industrial revolution are the highest. Its typical one is to create and operate education program about 4th industrial revolution technologies. Consequently, because promoting talented people having related skills to A.I is national competitiveness, you need to utilize this flow. Especially, online course and program are being popular.

Become ‘User’ if you cannot become ‘Engineer’

4th industrial revolution is like exclusive property for engineer. Although this situation is true, it is temporary because there is a lack of talented people having related technologies. We do not need to try to become engineer to handle artificial intelligence. It is true that getting related technologies can be more advantageous. However, it will be better if you utilize related things to artificial intelligence as a user of A.I. Finally, a goal of industry development is to improve personal efficiency in the economic view. Therefore, you do not need to become engineer for A.I. Do not get stress about that. A.I value by the view of A.I user may be higher than by the view of A.I engineer.

Be closed to Digital Tools

In the future, a lot of data and information will be generated as digital methodology. Most processes will be delivered via digital tools, such as smartphone, kiosk, and VR glass. Because new digital tools (not including upgrade of smartphone) will be introduced, you need to be closed to digital tools to effectively adapt changing world and future life.

Get Curiosity

This is not thrust that you should learn about development skills. In the future, a lot of A.I services will be coming. By the way, if you utilize it without its curiosity, you may be a slave of A.I. Therefore, in the view of user or engineer. you need to get curiosity about A.I technologies and services to get more new ideas and improvement of our daily life.

More focus on Experience than Technologies

Recently, various A.I services are emerging. To get high usage of those technologies, its customer experience(CX) should be optimized. In other words, those technologies can be upgraded by easy interface and high usage. Advance of technologies do not lead increase of usage at all times. This being so, the A.I services, which will be able to lead A.I market, will get user-friendly interface and experience. So, more focus on experience than technologies.

A nature will be not changed

As we have gone through the previous industrial revolutions, our technologies have been also upgraded. However, a basic mechanism and nature of business have not been changed. For example, in the case of restaurant, for a long time, its process has not changed. It is still getting order, making food, and taking payment. Its methodology in each step is just changed. This being so, even though new industrial revolution is coming, a nature of business which we have known for a long time will not be changed.

Not Decrease, But just Diversified

Most people say that A.I will take our job in the near future. However, A.I will just take simple and repeatable tasks. In addition, as A.I takes those tasks and that situation makes people to get more free time to do something in their daily life, most people will be able to do high-efficient works or more creative things. Also, A.I absolutely needs a professional to get knowledge and executes machine learning and deep learning. Therefore, the fact that job is disappearing will not happen. It will just be minimized, and type of business will be diversified by A.I.

Build your own world

A.I is not a magic. It cannot solve all things. Until now, nothing is definite about the future and changing world. You do not need to use A.I. It is not a duty. However, a key point which we should know is that A.i will be introduced around the world and we have to live with them. In the A.I world, it will rather be more important about how you strategically build your world for the future, or how you utilize A.I or related technologies.


4차산업혁명과 인공지능을 너무 두려워할 필요는 없다.
Do not afraid of 4th industrial revolution and artificial intelligence
Do not afraid of 4th industrial revolution and artificial intelligence

4th industrial revolution and artificial intelligence will be quickly coming. However, recognizing those situations and changes is enough for you to get ready to adapt the future. We do not need to be afraid of changes. It is more important that you set-up your strategy about how to utilize 4th industrial revolution technologies. Also, related education programs and supporting programs are emerging. If you enter into this flow, you may easily get your competitiveness for the future. Consequently, your own strategy to adapt dynamically changing world will be more important than worrying about the future.

10 Commandments for 4th Industrial Revolution and A.I Era

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