Discovery of Chatbot’s Characteristics and Value Through Corona19


When it comes to Corona19, it may be pandemic situation soon. It started from Wuhan, China, and then is expanding to other countries. Now, each country is sharing related information to Corona19 through various methods or tools. In this situation, there is some cases to share related information via chatbot and related technologies. So, this article will analyze and discover chatbot’s Characteristics and Value Through Corona19.
**Case in this article is based on Korea’s environment

코로나19로 알아보는 챗봇의 특징과 가치
Characteristics and Value of Chatbot through Corona19
Characteristics and Value of Chatbot through Corona19


In Korea, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) is controlling all things related to Corona19. In the first week of Feb., they completed developing chatbot giving related functions and services to Corona19, with use of messenger platform, KAKAO. (which is No.1 messenger platform in korea, with more than 90% market share).

Some portals began to set-up fixed section to give related information about Corona19 on the main page. This action means that Corona19 is serious and critical, and the most people think most important thing is to share right information on right time.

CDCD, utilizing KAKAO chatbot, is having about a million friends on the KAKAO official ID, within a month. In Korea, KAKAO is No.1 messenger platform having more than 90% market share. This market situation is a key role for a sudden increase of a number of KAKAO friends.

코로나19로 알아보는 챗봇의 특징과 가치_질병관리본부 카카오 챗봇
Characteristics and Value of Chatbot through Corona19_KAKAO Chatbot: Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Characteristics and Value of Chatbot through Corona19_KAKAO Chatbot: Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

KAKAO Official ID of CDCP is offering core information and functions the users can efficiently and quickly check, even though they do not have advanced conversation and functions based on A.I.

  • FAQ
  • Check of Selected Care Center about Corona19
  • Current Situation
  • Call Center Information
  • Prevention Guide
  • Key Symptom
  • Overseas Visitors Guide

Through Corona19 situation, chatbot’s essential characteristics and value are being discovered with explosive growth of chatbot.

Characteristics and Value

  • Available to utilize the existing messenger platform
    (Utilizing their existing services/functions such as Push Service)

Even though there are some little differences in the case of foreign countries, they have No.1 messenger platform. Recently, messenger platform company is directly offering chatbot development tools. Also, most people easily utilize other external chatbot development tools, which means that they can efficiently develop chatbot service on the existing No.1 messenger platform. This try will make a synergy with key functions on the existing messenger platform.

  • Quick Development

This point will be the most advantageous. In the case of most chatbot development platform, they are offering easy UI/UX to easily access and utilize basic functions. (Of course, for advanced functions based on A.I, there is coding area by developers.)

For example, the most important thing in Corona19 situation is a number of definite diagnosis and their flow of move. If it is essential to give these information, it will be developed within a day. It is available without coding knowledge.

  • Interaction Service (such as GPS / Conversation)

One of chatbot’s core functions is mutual communication and interaction. Even though conversation based on A.I needs to have a long time, FAQ can be quickly developed. Also, it can have learning data for A.I. In addition, the users are able to get advanced services under agreement of personal information.

For example, the users having related questions to Corona19 can immediately get the answers via KAKAO chatbot service, and know the location of health centers about Corona19.

  • Effective UI/UX

In the case of chatbot, they are offering some UI templates on the fixed screen. Therefore, there are not various factors about UI/UX, like web. This might be good environment to optimize a service or platform.

Future and Implication

Due to Corona19, I consider that chatbot’s value and its recognition will become increased, and forecast that more people will actively utilize it in the public areas or organization. Also, as related technologies and services to chatbot is growing in the public areas, chatbot’s good cases will be introduced after the end of Corona19 situation.

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