Best 5 Ways for User to Utilize A.I Chatbot Well

Best 5 Ways for User to Utilize A.I Chatbot Well

Today is the era of artificial intelligence and chatbot. Many companies have been introducing their chatbot, and a number of users to utilize A.I or A.I chatbot are increasing. This trend is being strengthened as the people avoiding human communication is increasing. However, some of them believe that chatbot can solve all problems, and use it. There is some case that few users say bad words to chatbot, or make strange questions. And, they often blame a technology and service quality of company without a reason.

In the view of company, it is certain that a company want to provide all services a customer want. However, because A.I and chatbot technology are not perfect yet, it is hard to solve all needs of the customers. This being so, in the aspect of the customers, they need to know the way to utilize A.I chatbot well.

챗봇 사용에도 기술이 있다.
There is a special method to use chatbot
There is a special method to use chatbot

Know a Purpose of Service

In the initial page of chatbot, there is introduction about services which it can do and its roles. So, if you want more than its capabilities, it will be better that you move into one of other channels. Even though it is hard to explain all chatbot cases because chatbot’s service is different from each company, finally, chatbot user should check chatbot’s roles and services, and then utilize it.

No Curiosity

Until the present, except for few A.I chatbot having a function of universal chatbot, such as google assistant, samsung bixby, and apple siri, there are only very few A.I chatbots being able to do perfect conversation like a human. Because most chatbots are developed by business goals, they just can do related business communication or services. If you ask strange questions by your curiosity, the chatbot will go through a difficulty for learning, and then, their service quality may be finally lowered.

Short Sentence

As I explained on the above, most chatbots are going through a process for A.I. Therefore, it will be good to ask simple question or group of words for getting what you want because it specialized to a specific business. If doing like this, as the view of company, their service quality can be improved because simple words or sentences are a good factor to learn something fast. Also, its customers can get what they want.

Do Not Expect Personalization

Now, in most countries, issues about personal information are remaining. In other words, to solve that problem, a society needs to have more time. And, even though this problem will be solved, a chatbot do not offer personalized answers without authorization. This being so, chatbot’s users should not expect personalization. However, finally, most companies are being ready to provide personalized services or answers in the future.

Utilize 1:1 Chat Service

Some companies are providing 1:1 chat service with chatbot. As you know, 1:1 chat service is operated by human. If chatbot cannot offer what the user want, chatbot can offer you move into 1:1 chat service, which means a process from machine to human. If a service is completed by this process, chatbot will use its history data to do machine learning or deep learning. So, if you are not satisfied with the answer of chatbot, you will be able to move to 1:1 chat service to get what you want.


In worldwide, chatbot is on transition period to get related things to artificial intelligence. Even though there is differentiation for each company, it is expected that improved chatbot having A.I features and being able to do natural communication will be introduced. Most people want that companies do all things well. However, in the view of customer or user, I think that a guide and ethics are necessary to effectively utilize A.I or chatbot service.

Through this article, I hope that most people do not misunderstand about chatbot anymore, and get what they want.

Best 5 Ways for User to Utilize A.I Chatbot Well

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