5 Rules To Make Good Chatbot (For Working-Level)

5 Rules To Make Good Chatbot (For Working-Level)

Now many companies have introduced a chatbot for their business. Rather, it is hard to find the companies not having a chatbot. At least, they have a plan to develop their chatbot. Personally, I have made 8~9 chatbots including each different business or goal. Based on these experiences, I realized that there is no answer about making a chatbot.

This is because a goal or business of each company is different. However, there are some standards about to-do lists and not-to-do lists to make a good chatbot, So, through this article, I want to share essential guides to make a good chatbot.

좋은 챗봇을 만드는 방법이 있다.
There are 5 ways to make a good/great chatbot
실무자가 이야기 하는 좋은 챗봇을 만드는 5가지 법칙
There are 5 ways to make a good/great chatbot
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Don’t Make Too Much

Basically, most companies wanting to introduce a chatbot are still having big expectations and hoping to get a lot of services or functions. Actually, in the view of company, this is natural. However, if checking and analyzing services on the existing platforms, you will able to recognize that services which customers frequently use are fixed.

Chatbot is a new platform. It is not necessary to include too much functions or services. It is good to make a platform focusing on valuable services and the services which most customers frequently use. Practically, if a chatbot has all services or functions, it will be difficult to build its architecture in the initial stage, and make optimized Conversation User Interface (called ‘CUI’). This being so, I recommend that you make it from small functions and services.

Focus On Bad Experiences

Most companies want that their customers get all answers or services via chatbot platform. If not solving the problems by chatbot, they will find other traditional channels, such as QnA board on the website or call center. In this case, the customers will feel uncomfortable about it, and the company will increase a cost for customer services.

This being so, a great architecture to solve many things should be composed. Generally, most people think about how to make optimization about service experience. Of course, it is so natural. However, guides to make customers to easily use the service they cannot find is more important than some perfect or optimized chatbot services.

A well-made chatbot service can be perfectly and wholly used by most customers because its functions and experience are optimized and good. What the customers utilize good services is very natural. On the other hands, if a chatbot cannot solve the bad situation to give inconvenience, the customer will not visit again. Also, it is very important to make a great chatbot scenario for the moment that a customer can’t get the thing they want. Also, the great scenario like that can cover the moment that a customer make wrong questions.

Ways to make a good scenario are so various. For example, it can give visualized guides or kind conversation on the chatbot. Also, when making a good scenario, you should consider about characteristics of each business.

Quick Update

A chatbot might not give answers or services which most customers want. In this case, the chatbot can kindly give alternatives(guides) for the customers to move other channels. However, if it happen two or three time, the customers will not visit again.

This being so, gathering a lot of feedback from the customers and enhancing those are so important part on the chatbot operation. It should enhance and update bad feedbacks having high frequency, as high priority.

If these processes are well-operated and unsatisfied answers are updated, the customers having unsatisfied answers in the previous visit will have higher loyalty of the service or brand.

Maintain Consistency and Worker for Chatbot Learning

A process of chatbot learning is unexpectedly labor-incentive. Even though some of leaning process can be automatized, finally, human should check or write right answers for learning.

As mentioned on the above, quick update for a chatbot is important. However, more important thing is to maintain consistency about tone&manner and contents of all answers. If answer is not kind and contents are all different with continuous update/learning, most customers will be confused.

So then, as the aspect of company, they should hire a worker for chatbot learning with long-term strategic view. Also, through them, the company should make chatbot learning guidelines that anyone can easily update answers by checking the guidelines.

Firm Governance

Making a chatbot from small things with quick update is a key to make a good one. However, only doing quick update is not good. Final keyword to make a good chatbot is ‘governance(management system)’. A chatbot is a platform including business, which means that there are a lot of things which other departments in the company want to introduce and develop. But, a chatbot cannot have all things.

So, even though you do quick update, it is necessary to firmly make internal guidelines and rules, and then exception cases should be minimized. If not, a goal about the chatbot will be able to be unintentionally changed. Recently, the biggest problem of most companies having a plan to re-develop their chatbot is about governance to well-operate it. However, they have fixed the problem with accumulated experiences.


Making a chatbot is not difficult. A key point of chatbot is continuous enhancement and maintenance. In the past, most companies more focused on its build than operation. However, most companies have realized that key points of chatbot are to make continuous enhancement and its maintenance.

Practically, it is hard to wholly observe all 5 rules mentioned on the above. However, if thinking them as your standards to make a chatbot, at least, you will not get its bad direction about making it. Based on this article, I hope that most people, operating a chatbot, having a plan to make it, and having interest about it, can consider about chatbot’s value and purpose for your business.

5 Rules To Make Good Chatbot (For Working-Level)

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