Unexpected 5 New Jobs & Majors by A.I Chatbot

Unexpected 5 New Jobs & Majors by A.I Chatbot

With 4th industrial revolution, chatbot introduction of companies is becoming essential assignment for their future. A lot of companies are trying to make more advanced A.I chatbot, and utilizing big data technologies. Therefore, for these, they are gathering a lot of internal and external data.

As many companies are growing fast and having competition for chatbot, related job market is more active than before. And, new area in the jot market is emerging. In the area, there are new jobs or its group. Moreover, unpopular majors in the past are being popular with this trend.

It means that a standard for talented person is little changing. So then, let’s see what jobs and what majors are emerging in the recent.

4차산업혁명으로 새로운 직업과 학과들이 뜨고 있다.
Due to 4th Industrial Revolution, New Jobs and Majors are Emerging.
Due to 4th Industrial Revolution, New Jobs and Majors are Emerging.
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Chatbot Learning Manager

Even though a chatbot is based on A.I, a process to check something for chatbot quality is critical and necessary. It means that a person should revise wrong actions or things by chatbot. This process should be quickly done if a chatbot has many data. At the same time, its stakeholder should have professional knowledge about business to teach a chatbot. Therefore, this person is critical for chatbot quality.

Unexpectedly, most people do not recognize this job. However, this job will be more important.

Emerging Major: Language

A.I chatbot basically understand language via Natural Language Processing, called ‘NLP’. If a customer asks question, a chatbot divides it into morphemes, and then make it having an intent. Through these process, a chatbot can understand customers’ questions. As its next step, finally, a chatbot makes the answer based on the intent.

An important thing is a process to make an intent. Even though making an intent for general question or sentence is easy, it is so hard to make an intent for the case that a question or sentence has various meaning or situations. To solve this situation, there should be a person having professional knowledge about language and grammar. And, a person to check the process of NLP is necessary. This being so, majors related to language are emerging.

A person making a tag or Tagger

This job is strongly related to 2 things on the above. A.I chatbot is unexpectedly labor-incentive. It is necessary to attach a tag for chatbot’s learning. This process should be continue until the time for machine leaning of chatbot. At the same time, this process should be consistent.

Most companies are painful to this process because this process is done by not person but group or team. Therefore, due to this trend, new agencies for this process are emerging.

UX (User Experience) or CUI (Conversational User Interface) Professional

As digital became a trend, UI(User Interface) and UX(User Experience) are already a hot keyword, and going on. A chatbot is likewise. However, one different thing is that CUI(Conversational User Interface) is introduced. CUI means optimized view for communication on mobile or PC. This goal is to make the best process for efficient and effective communication.

Because there is no answer about this area, many companies have concerns .

Data Architecture Planner

A.I chatbot should handle a lot of data. However, to effectively handle data and make natural communication, optimized architecture for a chatbot is essential. Also, data flow should be efficient. Therefore, a new job for this is emerging. This job is not technical but a medium between technical and planning.


Of course, a key job is A.I developer for A.I era. However, new jobs and majors on the above are essential factors for A.I chatbot project or operation. Even though it is not sure that how long those jobs or majors being continue, it is certain that a trend of job market is changing.

I hope that it is helpful for the people having interest about A.I or A.I chatbot.

Unexpected 5 New Jobs & Majors by A.I Chatbot

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