Is the beginning of A.I (Artificial Intelligence) bubble?

Is the beginning of A.I (Artificial Intelligence) bubble?

It has been 3 years since A.I become a hot keyword in the worldwide market. A.I is actively utilized in all economic fields. However, there is opposite opinion. In other words, it means that A.I performances are relatively lower than what we expected. In real word, A.I has some problems such as security problem or excessively using the word, A.I, as one of marketing methodologies. Due to these problem, some professionals forecast that A.I market may go through long cold season. This forecast cannot be denied. However, this trend is generally considered as a common process to upgrade and grow new technologies.

인공지능에 대한 반대의견들이 나타나기 시작하고 있다.
Opposite views about A.I (Artificial Intelligence) are emerging
Opposite views about A.I (Artificial Intelligence) are emerging

What is real problem?

  • Low Recognition about A.I

This is the topic generally handled in most posts in the blog. When it comes to A.I, most people lack of knowledge to sort A.I and chatbot. They commonly recognize those into one concept. This is because most companies launching chatbot have utilized related words to A.I when they made PR. Even though their service or platform is not based on A.I, they used related word to A.I. This situation made a confusion to the market and consumers.

  • A.I being utilized as marketing weapon

As most companies excessively use A.I compared to their real capabilities, the customers who disappointing A.I services have been sharply increasing. That is, they are utilizing A.I as marketing weapon. I think that this situation is now making continuous bubble, like dot-com bubble in early 2000′. Of course, this situation is with growth of A.I technologies.

  • Absence of perfect definition or concept about A.I

Even though A.I topics are too much around us and trendy now, such situation means that there is no perfect answer. In the view of academic, it is on the maturity. However, when it comes to business view, there is no No.1 company about A.I, which means that there is no best case in the market place. Only A.I technologies are growing without the best case.

  • Actually slowing technology growth and laws related to A.I

Until now, A.I technologies do not affect our life. If so, its effects are not much. Now, most companies invest about A.I for the future, with its potentials. However, it is below expectation. Its effects are applied to specific domains. And, unexpected problem is that most governments are not ready to make related laws to A.I, and for social discussion. When it comes to this, developed countries will be firstly ready for those, soon.

  • There is not the Best Case for A.I, yet

Actually, this topic is the most critical point. Even though there are a lot of practical A.I technologies, there are not the best case revolutionary changing our life and the existing business model, with optimized A.I. At one time, there was expectation with introduction of voice Bot, such as Alexa or Siri. But, its effects were marginal in the market. These situations showed that A.I market need more time to develop. In my personal opinion, I expect that the best case about A.I will be introduced within 3 years.

인공지능은 아직도 많은 난관이 예상되고 있다.
A.I market still get a lot of challenges, and it will be in the future (from Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2019)
A.I market still get a lot of challenges, and it will be in the future (from Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2019)


According to Gartner Hype Cycle, now, A.I is on the stage, Trough of Disillusionment, which means that A.I market started to discover and develop real and best case utilizing optimized A.I. In a way, the present may be freezing season to A.I. However, the certain thing is that A.I still has big potential, and will be on the mature stage. By the way, the time for A.I maturity will be slower than what we expected. For more quick development of A.I, continuous attentions or development will be necessary.

(Is the beginning of A.I (Artificial Intelligence) bubble?)

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