Categorization of 4 Types By Chatbot Business Goal

Categorization of 4 Types By Chatbot Business Goal


Recently, a lot of companies have launched their chatbot service as a part of A.I strategy/business. There are already some companies experiencing a fail and re-building it. On the other hand, some companies have gradually upgraded their chatbot. When it comes to that, there is no answer. The certain thing is that they are utilizing a chatbot as a part and essential process for the next business model or optimized A.I.

In the initial stage of chatbot, there was no distinction about business goal by chatbot because most companies just tried to get a first mover advantage without strategic approach. However, as most companies have their own chatbot, a specific point to distinguish business goal by chatbot is emerging. So, this article will deal with this situation.

챗봇 비즈니스 목적의 4가지 유형: 챗봇의 역할/목적성에 대한 고찰 
4 Chatbot Types by Chatbot Business Goal
4 Chatbot Types by Chatbot Business Goal

Personal Secretary Chatbot

This is secretary chatbot which most professionals forecast. This type of chatbot already is being utilized as a role of personal secretary, such as Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Samsung Bixby. From the beginning of managing schedule and personal life patterns, those chatbots are expanding their roles. Moreover, it is expected that the chatbots will have advanced features like connection to other bots or robots.

Recently, there are new trend, which is that big messenger companies are being ready to launch their own chatbots as a role of personal secretary, with their own high technology. Personally, I think it is a main point we should continuously monitor.

Work Support Chatbot

It is the chatbot which most big companies are unexpectedly utilizing to effectively manage their organization, and to make efficient communication for works. As it directly react to the questions about internal regulation, guides, and work process, work efficiency in the companies utilizing this type of chatbot is being improved. Few companies use this type of chatbot as pre-stage for grand-open of customer chatbot, to reduce risks.

Customer Service Chatbot (Indirect Support)

This is one of well-known type of chatbots. It is the chatbot for customer service. In this case of chatbot, its role is limited, which means that it can just make quick response from simple question, and quickly provide easy information. It cannot respond to complicated questions, and personalization is impossible. Even though it has limited features, directly providing information and making quick responses are great advantages.

This type of chatbot is being well utilized as the initial stage of chatbot development. Through this process, a company can accumulate communication data (including text), and then they can utilize those data to develop the next model’s chatbot and A.I chatbot. Also, because the cost for this chatbot is not expensive, small-middle enterprises, not wanting to have A.I chatbot or advanced chatbots, mainly utilize this type of chatbot.

Customer Service Chatbot (Direct)

This is a chatbot being actively developed and discussed. This type of chatbot can process personalized questions/answers, and it can finally complete all steps of the services. This may be based on A.I or not, by methodology of development and strategy.

The certain thing is that this type of chatbot is core step to develop A.I features or robots. Most companies are wanting to have this type of chatbot because it can be alternative from the human.

반드시 고민해 보아야 할 챗봇의 비즈니스 목적
Chatbot Business Goal which All People Must Consider
Chatbot Business Goal which All People Must Consider
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Based on watching a lot of chatbot and related information, I categorized chatbot’s purpose and role to 4 types. There is no answer about the order of four types. However, the certain thing is that just doing a chatbot project without considering about its purpose is not trend for 4th industrial revolution anymore.

Even though four types of chatbot’s purposes are not the answer, those factors should be considered if you have a plan to do the related projects or to get related careers.

Categorization of 4 Types By Chatbot Business Goal

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