Hidden Power of A.I Chatbot: Annotation

코로나19 사태로 떠오르고 있는 비대면 시장: 대표적인 챗봇
Emerging Untact(Non Face-to-Face) Market: Chatbot
Emerging Untact(Non Face-to-Face) Market: Chatbot

As non face-to-face (or untact) market is rapidly emerging due to Corona19, the markets utilizing A.I(Artificial Intelligence) are also emerging. Among them, a typical one is chatbot. Before dealing with a main topic in this article, I want to say about concepts between A.I(Artificial Intelligence) and chatbot. A.I and chatbot are different from each other. Chatbot is just a tool for mutual communication. As a method for it, A.I is emerging. If this concept is compared to human body structure, chatbot is a physical thing like a body, and A.I is a brain of our body.

Now, chatbot market is on a period of transition. Most people commonly misunderstand that chatbot is A.I. Of course, even though A.I and chatbot are being upgraded together, chatbots based on simple logic and the existing applications have been introduced by excessive marketing strategy and wrong recognition in the market. Until now, these flows in the market are becoming unexpected interruption for growth of A.I market.

인공지능과 챗봇은 엄연히 다르다.
A.I(Artificial Intelligence) is different from Chatbot
A.I(Artificial Intelligence) is different from Chatbot

So, what is a typical concept to describe A.I(Artificial Intelligence)?

It is ‘Machine Learning’ and ‘Automation’

Even though a meaning of the two words may be simple, those are actually including a lot of values and detailed meaning. Now, most A.i chatbots in the market are utilizing machine learning technologies. Also, it includes automation technology. Its problem is that there is almost no one who operating it as a combination of machine learning and automation. Especially, one of important factors for machine learning is that human checks and updates the answers, which is called ‘Annotation’. However, when it comes to this, most companies are manually operating this process, and consistently changing a governance guide for it.

A base of A.I chatbot is that data from the customers applies machine learning process. There are a lot of cases that companies are doing machine learning process by Excel. As a view of companies, its reason is that this process may make a risk through updating chabot’s knowledge. However, its problem is that it is hard to deal with big data.

Even, big IT companies, such as Google and IBM, are not covering a specific business, even though they have the best and hot technologies. Finally, there are almost no companies who perfectly utilizing machine learning and automation. However, recently, as chatbot is being popularized, and most companies have had related experiences for a long time, there are a lot of lessons learn, which is a key for machine learning is annotation and automation. As I mentioned on the above, there are no perfect A.I tools because popularized solutions are not considering a specific business.

인공지능 시대의 가장 중요한 개념과 가치는 머신러닝 중 Annotation(주석달기)입니다.
In A.I era, the most important concept and value is Annotation of Machine Learning Tech.
In A.I era, the most important concept and value is Annotation of Machine Learning Tech.

A.I era is beginning, but, there is no number one in the market. No one can forecast which company will be number one in the future, even though there are big IT companies, such Google, Amazon, and IBM. Consequently, A key is which company firstly get optimized process for annotation and automation, and has the best architecture for their A.I. Its result will make a big change in the market.

Additionally, as this issue is emerging, RPA market is also rapidly emerging. Hidden power game by annotation and automation. Its results need enough time yet. However, whoever it is, the company firstly solving these problems will be the number one being able to be monopolistic and oligopolistic. After this article, this blog will continuously introduce efficient methodologies and market situation.

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