TOP 10 Future Skills In Demand (by Microsoft)


Recently, as the pandemic situation is making increase of online interaction, a demand and interest about technologies of 4th industrial revolution are being sharply increasing. Especially, education market is quickly focusing on this trend. This trend is making a new topic about ‘what should I learn for the future? or ‘How can I survive in the future?’. Based on this trend, Microsoft opened new report, called ‘Preparing for AI: The Implications of Artificial Intelligence for Jobs and Skills in Asian Economies’.

The report includes various topic related to A.I. Based on it, this article will deal with required skills for our future. The skills are based on the result of survey from business leaders working in the area, Asia-Pacific.

TOP 10 Future Skills In Demand (by Microsoft)

Skill Category: Big 3

The report divides skill category into three types:

  • Higher Cognitive Skills
  • Social & Emotional Skills
  • Technological Skills

The reason for it is to organize all jobs about A.I as a number of jobs related to artificial intelligence will increase. This category might be a standard for making a decision of your career direction.

‘Higher Cognitive Skills’ is generally considered as a job group based on A.I engineer who directly handles related functions about A.I

‘Social & Emotional Skills’ is closely associated with a communication skill to execute business actions, and is considered as a job group discovering new business development and creative value. Some companies call it, ‘Coordinator’.

‘Technological Skills’ is strongly related to a job group like business planner making users to utilize A.I services well. This skill also includes IT knowledge and skills to control A.I.

Finally, this category means that our society will want hybrid talented person who can handle IT and business at the same time. That is, technology is not all. And, it shows that a lot of new things and jobs will be created by A.I expansion, except for engineer jobs.

Top 10 'In-Demand' Skills Identified By Business Leaders In Asia Pacific
Top 10 ‘In-Demand’ Skills Identified By Business Leaders In Asia Pacific

Detailed Skills

The report also introduces detailed required skills for future. Even though it is true that technical job group typically including A.I engineers is high-ranked, it is generally balanced with soft skills. The following is a list for detail required skills in the future. For better understanding, additional short description is added in each factor.

  • 1. [Technological Skills]Quantitative, Analytical, and Statistical Skills
    : This is the skill to organize, summarize, analyze, and infer big data well. Even though related skills and features to statistics, analyzing and inferring data are still developing and becoming hot area. For A.I learning, those data-based works are essential because A.I is operated by continuous interaction of numbers or data.
  • 2. [Higher Cognitive Skills]Digital Skills
    : To effectively utilize digital tools such as smartphone and PC, professional business knowledge and IT knowledge are essential at the same time. Digital Skills is considered as intersection area between business and IT. In the future, this skill will be the basic thing because all interaction will be generated via digital tools.
  • 3. [Social & Emotional Skills]Adaptability and Continuous Learning
    : Due to the A.I era, the world has been quickly changing. Its speed will be much more faster. Therefore, the skills to adapt various changes will be new value.
  • 4. [Technological Skills]Critical Thinking and Decision Making
    : In the future, A.I will automatically collect data we want, and organize it. Due to these data processing, the skills to make right decision will be very important value. Also, the jobs monitoring A.I works will be hot. Critical thinking to enhance A.I jobs and behaviors will be more important than now.
  • 5. [Technological Skills]Creativity
    : Easy and repeatable tasks will be altered by A.I. Therefore, in the future, the area which A.I cannot do will be more valuable, and the ability to think it will be more important.
  • 6. [Higher Cognitive Skills]IT Skills and Programming
    : As one of essentials, it is considered as ‘coding’ ability. Our society will not be able to do anything without engineer having coding ability. Even though there a lot of web-based engineers, they are more diversified and advanced with A.I.
  • 7. [Social & Emotional Skills]Entrepreneurship and Initiative-Taking
    : Introduction of new technologies has been always with challenging spirit. This is the ability about how to deliver new techs and values to the world or end-users. This means that aggressive companies making a big investment to A.I will be more successful in the future.
  • 8. [Technological Skills]Project Management
    A.I-based projects have more complicated factors than web-based projects. This being so, the abilities to efficiently and effectively manage and lead the project or work will be more valuable and important.
  • 9. [Social & Emotional Skills]Communication and Negotiation Skills
    : As A.I functions are being improved, a gap between business and IT knowledge will be much more bigger. To decrease its gap, coordination ability will be positioned as one of important factors to lead A.I.
  • 10. [Social & Emotional Skills]Interpersonal Skills and Empathy
    : In the near future, all communication methods will be very simple, and even, it can be altered by A.I through like A.I secretary. This change means increase of technical interaction without emotional things. Therefore, face-to-face communication ability will be more important.


Actually, while working in A.I area, I have gotten a lot of questions such as ‘what should I do for A.I era?’. By the way, I think that releasing this report by leading company like Microsoft is so meaningful, and it will be the important standard to make future career for A.I era. A key point of the report is that soft skills might be more important than technical skills in the future, and the future will still need emotion and human interaction. Of course, it is true that the future society will more demand IT knowledge and hybrid talented person than before and now. Consequently, this report and article are saying about ‘Strategy or Direction for your future career’

TOP 10 Future Skills In Demand (by Microsoft)
Referenced: Microsoft IDC Survey(2018): Alpha-Beta Report

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TOP 10 Future Skills In Demand (by Microsoft)

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