Artificial Intelligence is not from Technology


A lot of companies don’t save money to develop and upgrade their business related to artificial intelligence. At the same time, they are trying to hire related talented people to artificial intelligence, such as data scientist and A.I engineer. However, there is one thing which most people do not recognize which is that growth of A.I is led by growth of technology. This is not wrong.

But, there is one key point which many people do not know, which is that growth of technology cannot absolutely lead growth of usage even though it can lead growth of industry. Of course, some cases often lead usage rate. However, growth of technology does not lead growth of usage at all time. A growth of artificial intelligence is not from technology, but customer experience.

이미 전 산업에 걸쳐 적용되고 있는 인공지능
Artificial Intelligence has applied to all industries
Artificial Intelligence has applied to all industries

Artificial Intelligence is not from Technology

Current Situation

Nowadays, the thing having an effect on our daily life is artificial intelligence speaker. It is one of various tools which can change our daily life in the future. Most people have experience about using A.I speaker or looking someone using A.I speaker. They would feel it is little stuffy or even stupid. Now, those problems have been gradually solved. However, in the initial stage of A.I speaker, it could not make most answers because of its low quality. Those situation was from hyper-competition among big companies launching A.I speaker. This being so, a lot of customers using A.I speaker could not have high satisfaction for it. They became disenchanted with Artificial Intelligence.

각 인공지능 스피커 브랜드 별 고객 만족도
Customer Satisfaction Rate By Brand: KAKAO Mini / Naver Clova / SKT NUGU / KT Giga-Jini
Customer Satisfaction Rate By Brand: KAKAO Mini / Naver Clova / SKT NUGU / KT Giga-Jini


Even though it should be considered that the data on the above is generated in 2018 (2 years ago), its key point is that technology is not all. Technology is like Branding. Consequently, the first impression is very important, and it is hard to get rid of a prejudice by the first impression. A drop is relatively easier.

This being so, it is essential that most companies launching their A.I services should more focus on how to reduce user’s inconvenience and A.I’s mistakes than development of technologies. In the present, the reason that A.I is raising is high-interest from the people and increasing usage. Therefore, if those negative experiences is sustaining, A.I trend may disappear in the near future.

Few A.I companies started focusing on customer experience. However, many companies just pursue technology’s trend, and do not consider customer experiences, such as design, UI, and UX. Therefore, to make increase of A.I service usage, they should try to give a clear and simple experience about A.I, even though the service is not high-quality. Also, they should concentrate on designing experience not to make inconvenience from A.I’s mistakes.


Consequently, development of all technologies and industries is impossible without increase of usage and user’s feedback. Not to lose this chance from emerging A.I, all companies should pay careful attention to design good A.I experience with advancement of A.I technologies. This is not to demand a magic from A.I. It is to quickly and repeatedly improve A.I service from customers’ feedback, with reducing inconvenience. In my opinion, a future winner in A.I market will be the company more considering and focusing on customer’s experience than technologies.

Artificial Intelligence is not from Technology

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