Misunderstanding and Truth about Chatbot

Misunderstanding and Truth about Chatbot

Chatbot is the typical keyword in the area of ‘Digital’ and ‘A.I(Artificial Intelligence)’. Chatbot’s information has been exposed in the short time, too much information about chatbot has been making a lot of misunderstanding.

About chatbot, misunderstandings most people have will be shared on the following.

Through this article, I hope that most people interesting in chatbot can observe it in the new and various views.

챗봇은 몇몇 오해와 진실을 가지고 있다.
Chatbot has some misunderstanding and truths
Chatbot has some misunderstanding and truths
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#Chatbot is not Something New

Chatbot is not new technology. In other words, conceptually, it is the existing technology. It started to use the word, called ‘Chatbot’, from appearance of A.I(Artificial Intelligence) and 4th industrial revolution.

Most people will be able to know alert pop-up by Windows.
The alert pop-up is the window when some errors occur or clicking something.

It does not mean that the alert pop-up is chatbot.
However, in the conceptual view, initiating words by a specific event is similar to chatbot.

Example: Window Alert

#Chatbot is not A.I (Artificial Intelligence)

Chatbot is not A.I (Artificial Intelligence). Comparing chatbot to human body structure, a brain is A.I (Artificial Intelligence) and rest of it is chatbot. Chatbot is just one of tools to express something from A.I to the outside world.

This being so, no one can say that A.I exists because chatbot exists, and chatbot exists because A.I exists.

Therefore, it is not doing something automatically by introducing chatbot. Fortunately, in the recent, it seems that more people recognize well about the difference between chatbot and A.I.

챗봇은 인공지능이 아니다.
Chatbot is not A.I (Artificial Intelligence).
Chatbot is not A.I (Artificial Intelligence).

#Chatbot is not a Robot Making a Chat

Chatbot is not a Robot Making a Chat. As dictionary knowledge, it describes chatbot is a robot being able to chat. However, chatbot is just a way to express formats or data provided in the web.

For example of ‘Sign In’,
in the case of web service, a user do ‘Sign in’ by typing each field, such as name, e-mail, and marketing agreement, in the its page. What about chatbot? Chatbot makes a user to type/fill the data by asking the required data for ‘Sign In’.

As a result, required data for ‘Sign In’ of both (Chatbot and Web) is the same. Outwardly, chatbot can seems to be a robot being able to chat, but, it does not differ from the structure of Web.

 챗봇은 채팅하는 로봇이 아니다.
Chatbot is not a robot being able to Chat.
Chatbot is not a robot being able to Chat.

#Unexpectedly, Labor-Intensive

From introduction of chatbot and A.I, most people have misunderstood that chatbot automatically do something. (Reference: Chatbot Preparation: Business Analysis)

Of course, not.
Unexpectedly, chatbot development is labor-intensive. (A.I is the same)

Someone should manually make a corpus and develop a scenario to start a conversation. Even though its collection can be done by a machine or robot, at least someone should check correct answers(collection) for them. So, you can easily realize all process for chatbot development is difficult and need enough time to finish the project.

If introducing machine learning and deep learning, manual works will be more efficient than before. However, before that, you must make correct answers(collection) as a basic and starting point.

Additionally, although its correct collection is important, you should consider about its operation process after its launching. If you do not have sufficient considerations, you may do a lot of manual works for its operation.

챗봇은 의외로 노동집약적이다.
Unexpectedly, Chatbot is labor-intensive.
Unexpectedly, Chatbot is labor-intensive.
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Introduction and expansion of chatbot is the trend no one can defy. However, if you misunderstand chatbot and think it wrong, you will experience unexpected difficulty. If details of each topic on the above are needed, it will be dealt with in the next.

Most people having interest in chatbot and A.I can already know about the topics on the above. But, I hope that they observe chatbot in the different and various views.

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