Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus: Honest Review After Open (Galaxy Note8 User)

After unboxing Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus Aura Glow, I have experienced it for 2 days.
Therefore, I make the honest review about a real changes in my life and routine.

This review is not for PR or promotion.

After moving USIM and data into the new phone, I live an ordinary life.
(I don’t study key functions of the new phone, Galaxy Note 10+Plus)

This being so, I can make a real and practical review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus Aura GLow

#Fingerprint Button on the Front Again

This is a big part in my routine.
There is a reason that Samsung has focused on making fingerprint on display with their core skill and capabilities.
This is so comfortable.
You may need the time for its adaption.

#Power / Bixby Button

There is no bixby button having a issue on the previous series.
Honestly speaking, power button on the right side disappeared.
It is moved to the left side as a bixby button on the previous.

However, a power button is not the power button.
Power option will be displayed when clicking ‘Power Button’ + ‘Bottom of the Volume’ at the same time, and keep it for 2~3 seconds.

This is little strange.
Most people will need little time to adapt this, however, this is not inconvenience because most users do not frequently power on or off.

#Screenshot Capture

Because of moving power button,
the button combination for screenshot or capture is changed.
For them, you must quickly click 2 buttons, ‘Power Button’ + ‘Bottom of the Volume’ at the same time.

When consider its pattern on the previous, this part also makes most people need more time for adaption.

However, changing pattern is not worried part because most people frequently use this.

#Feel of Pen and Draw to text

I sometime write something for business or sometimg.
Compared to the previous, the feel and sound for S Pen is more realistic.

This is so amazing.
By a type of Pen, its sound is changed, which considers its thickness and shape.

the best part for me is ‘Draw to Text’ function, which changes my script to digital text. (can copy and paste easily)

A process changing a sensibility of analog to the digital is so amazing.

#File Move to/from PC

Personally, I frequently move images or files to/from PC.
So, I used the new functions, ‘Window Connection’

This is not bad.
But, its practical point is not sure because I use cloud service well, which means that the function cannot have amazing functions.

Need to watch this for a long time or the next series.

#Wide Angle and Pixel

Camera is the growing factor as the time foes by.
Especially, in the case of streaming, it supports UHD 3840 x 2160.

Advanced tools might be unnecessary.
Also, wide angle function will make most people to take picture with various views.

Except for the above,
#BixbyRoutine function is remarkable.
However, I do not know this feature, so will study this later.
This is not effective on my routine.
By the way, I guess that this feature will be utilized for A.I functions on the next series.

The above contents is a real and practical review on my daily routine.
Personally, I think that changing power button and fingerprint is the biggest part, and rest functions are good or bad by situation or routine of each person.

I will not mention about the basic and commonsense points, like performance.

when I recently change my phone,
I felt that the reasons to change a smartphone are more faded away.

This is because functional limits are coming, which means that most people will not feel attraction through growing performance.

Finally, I expect that frequency for purchase will be more decreased, and its term will be more longer.

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