Samsung Galaxy Note10+Plus UnBoxing Review (Galaxy Note8 User)

Recently, a release of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus is really a hot trend.

Because it is the most modern smartphone and a recognition about improvement from the previous model(Galaxy S10), it has been a big issue in the world.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Galaxy Note Series, and have purchased it for every two years.
(In the case of Korea, it is like a routine because a condition for discount is 2 year agreement)

My phone is opened on the first day for pre-order.
Exactly speaking,
It is ‘Samsung Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G Aura Glow by SKT.

Even though its unboxing is not a big deal, I simply share its process.
(I got it from the factory located in Suwon, Korea)

Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G: Box
Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G: Box

The above is the first appearance.
As a simple black-box, it is luxurious and classy.
Also, a shape and color of S Pen drawn on the box makes its high expectation.
(Actually, its shape and color same as a real one in the box)

If looking closely,
there is a sticker strongly attached on the right-bottom side.
Its reason is that its upper side of box is bigger than its bottom side.
(That’s why it is needed to remove it well. Try to remove it from the side of the box.)

 Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G: UnBox
Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G: UnBox

The above is when I first saw a smartphone ( Galaxy Note10+Plus )
That was so effective and amazing.
Compared to the previous series having more circular design, I felt it is more square design.

 Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G: Unbox (Back Part)
Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G: Unbox (Back Part)

The above is the back appearance after unboxing.
I selected ‘Aura Glow’ color.
It is very attractive.

Actually, even though I had looked other colors like red and blue, I chose ‘Aura Glow’ because I would be liable to feel a sick of those colors.

I have been feeling a great satisfaction.
Its reason is that Aura Glow looks like changing its own color by light intensity and view.
It is like a chameleon.

The following is a description about other parts.

#AKG Earphone

AKG Earphone is in the box.
As you know, a jack of earphone disappeared, and C type cable is alternative to that.
The AKG Earphone is able to connect with its jack because the earphone has C type component.
(Refer to this for the people saying like “What should I do if I want to listen music”)

#Power Charging Cable

Its components (Cable + Power) are so similar to the previous series, however, its shape is different.
As its capability is 45W, its speed for power charge is faster than before.
*The following image is referred by the official site.

 Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G: 45W Power Charging Cable
Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G: 45W Power Charging Cable

Actually, I’m sad that I could not get a lot of photos for this review because I was so glad as soon as I got the phone.

Anyway, after unboxing, I moved USIM and data into the new phone via Smart Switch App.

The following is the first impressions when I unbox Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G

– A Bigger Screen is Good.
– I Don’t Know about Square Design.
– Aura Glow Color is the Most Attractive.
– Moving Fingerprint Button into the Front is Good.
– No Bixby Button is Good.

That’s a Unboxing or Review about Galaxy Note10+Plus 5G.


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