Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus: Review Summary

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus: Review Summary

After purchasing Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus Aura Glow,
I have been written its review by my experience, such as, my daily life and routine.

I summarize each review about Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus.
So, I want you to selectively read a review you want.

Once again, I mention that my reviews are based on practical things, such as my daily life and routine, did not write them as a commercial purpose, and did not study anything about Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus.

Therefore, I have written all reviews by my real experiences.

#Galaxy Note 10+ Unboxing

My phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus 5G Aura Glow, was delivered from the factory located in Suwon, Korea.

And, I opened it in the first day for pre-order people.
After delivering it, I made a simple review about a process of unboxing.

Even though it might be not special, I honestly made its review.
This is so real and practical.

#File Transformation by Smart Switch

After unboxing, moving USIM and file transformation must be done.
Especially, I organized its process about moving files via Smart Switch app.

I described about practical tips and know-how.

#Honest Review After Open

After unboxing and opening, I have utilized Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus for 1~3 days.

While I was using Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus for 1~3 days,
I wrote practically changing points in a daily life and routine.

The most important thing is to honestly describe about differences compared to the previous usability pattern.

I did not just make compliments and good points about features.

#Camera Detailed Review

This review is similar to the above review (#Honest Review After Open)
However, I considered that additional description about camera will be needed because it is the core function most people frequently use.

So, this review is specialized thing about camera features

This is because camera is more enhanced than before,
and, I thought it has no more envy to iPhone’s camera.

There might be some people thinking that this blog and review is not professional, compared to the professional’s blogs or web sites.

However, I think that practical and real experiences by daily life and routine are more trustful and useful.

If I make reviews like this,
I will write honest reviews based on my daily life and routine.

I hope that my reviews on the above are so helpful to many users and people.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus: Review Summary:

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