Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Plus: Smart Switch App Review (Galaxy Note8 User)

After unboxing Galaxy Note 10+Plus, I moved USIM and data from my previous phone to the new one.
Therefore, its process will be described on the following section.

When changing a smartphone (by Android, especially, Samsung),
most people use a typical app, Smart Switch, created by Samsung.

This situation is the new world because most people manually moved their data in the past.

The app, Smart Switch, is already installed as a default.

Go Setting > ID and Back-Up (written to ‘Smart Switch’)

If go, there is ‘Smart Switch’, and click it.

Smart Switch: The First View

If going to the first view on the app,
there is data receive and send.

You can click ‘Data Receive’ on the new phone,
and click ‘Data Send’ on the previous phone.

Smart Switch App: Connect

And then, there is transformation method, such as Cable and Wireless.
It will be better to select ‘Wireless’. (This is ‘Wi-Fi Direct’)

If clicking,
it is connected, soon. (within a second)
As the next, you can select categories of your data, and then, can choose files in each categories.

Recommend to make alignment(Add/Delete) before moving data into the new phone, rather than selections on the Smart Switch App.

Especially, a log of messengers should be backed-up.
(There is a notice about app not being able to transform data or log)

And, check ID or Password on your app or service on the previous phone, because of logout on the new phone.

Smart Switch App: File Selection

Even though the above is a old version,
its recent version shows a expected time for completion.

the time is not trustful because my data was moved later than expected.

Can do something while activating app, Smart Switch.

Do not worry about app duplication because the app check it.

The most time for data transformation is a type of image and streaming.
In the case of apps, they are installed again on the new phone, which means that files for app installation is not transformed. Only its meta data is transformed for new installation on the new phone.
The fastest factor is setting information.

After data transformation, it will be completed if you make re-logon and set-up widgets you used.

You can’t use a wireless network after moving USIM.
Then, you can use it if you connect to the new phone via Bluetooth.

I want the article helpful for everyone.

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