Case Study: Simply Wall St (Stock Invest/Analysis Service)


Recently, as all stock values has been experiencing a big collapse, a stock market is now on hot spot. With this trend, interesting about related services to stock market is much higher than in the past. So, I also started stock investment. (Review of Investment for Foreign Stock Market as Starter: Australia/United Kingdom/United States) Through this article, I want to introduce stock analysis service I’m using now.

Until now, what I realized is on the following:

  • There are already a lot of related services to stock analysis
  • Due to recent volatility in stock market, most professionals’ opinion is almost wrong
  • There are too unnecessary and unclear news in online
  • With IT development or growth, there is not asymmetry of information, anymore
  • There are many service not having a good readability (they are almost based on text)

By the way, I discovered a specific service helping a good judgement for a good investment with good info-graphics. It is called, ‘Simply Wall St’.

Simply Wall St 서비스의 주요 화면 중 하나
One of key pages in 'Simply Wall St' service
One of key pages in ‘Simply Wall St’ service


Most related services to stock investment have similar information. By the way, this service shows visualized information (info-graphics) by integrated stock information. They are offering 5 key category and its score.

  • Past Performance
  • Financial Health
  • Future Forecast
  • Value Evaluation
  • Dividend Score
Simply Wall St는 5가지 주요 지표를 시각화하여 보여주고 있다.
Simply Wall St is showing 5 key index of each stock with info-graphics
Simply Wall St is showing 5 key index of each stock with info-graphics

The most above on each stock page shows executive summary, and its bottom part shows detailed information (on the following:)

  • Executive Summary
  • Share Price & News
  • Valuation
  • Future Growth
  • Past Performance
  • Financial Health
  • Dividend
  • Management
  • Ownership
  • Company Information

Even though you are not professional, you can make a good judgement because all numbers have color, such as green for good, and red for bad. That is, you can know which one of factors in each stock is good or bad.

In addition, you can make a portfolio about stocks you have a plan to invest, and can easily discover the stock you want. Also, like the following screenshot, it offers news and summary about your portfolio. This makes you to feel having private professional for only you.


Characteristics of this service are to have a good info-graphics and just suggest a standard for your judgement. So, a key point is that you just should utilize data in this service as a standard for judgement, and manage your portfolio. In other word, through this service, you can judge if your investment is safe or risky.

Simply speaking, this is just supporting tool to make a good judgement.

전문가보다는 하나의 좋은 서비스가 더 좋은 가치를 만들 수 있을 것 같다.
One good service will be able to much better value than professional
One good service will be able to much better value than professional


Whatever it is, stock analysis service like this should be utilized for only reference. However, it is not easy to make the answer of the question, such as ‘the service is easy-to-use for everyone’. While utilizing this service, what I realized is that good user experience may lead customer loyalty, even though data is also important.

Although I did not analyze all services, I’m sure that this service is offering minimized data to make a good judgement for investment. I hope that all reading this article make a good investment or good result.

Case Study: Simply Wall St (Stock Invest/Analysis Service)

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Case Study: Simply Wall St (Stock Invest/Analysis Service)

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