Unexpected Insights by RPA and Bots

Unexpected Insights by RPA and Bots

As 4th industrial revolution appeared and related technologies are growing fast with introduction of new convenient services, our daily life has been more convenient than before. At the same time, our work environments are being convenient like our daily life.

When it comes to various services to make our daily life to be more convenient, this article will deal with Robotics Process Automation (called ‘RPA’) and Chatbot (or Bot). I have gone through some projects and experiences related to RPA and Bot. Based on these experiences, I want to introduce and share my thoughts and insights about that.

RPA는 사람이 하는 업무는 진짜 대신한다.
RPA is alternative from a work which a human has done.
RPA is alternative from a work which a human has done.

First of All, Easy.

Recently, I applied RPA(Robotics Process Automation) and Bot to some of my tasks. RPA is kind of robot program to automatize simple and regular works. Even though the word, RPA, might seem to be grandly, it is similar to macro(Visual Basic) in Excel.

RPA will be more effective and efficient if a task is more simple, regular, and has fixed process or layout. This being so, it is so valuable for like regular reports including statistics. Also, service planners not having advanced knowledge of coding can utilize RPA, as various RPAs, the people not knowing about IT or Coding can control, have been introduced.

In reality, I created some automatized jobs by RPA because our company introduced RPA programs.One of the jobs was regular reports including statistics in daily, weekly, and monthly.

일부 RPA 소프트웨어는 고도화된 개발지식이 없이도 사용이 가능하다.
Some RPA software can be utilized without advanced development knowledge.
Some RPA software can be utilized without advanced development knowledge.

Practical Change

The following is the process that I actually make the report:

  1. Data Extraction
  2. Paste the data into Excel layout
  3. Make integrated view by using Pivot Table (including Graph or Chart)
  4. Write the title and related contents to show daily trend and situation.
  5. Send e-mail with the report (to reporter or manager)
    *In then, e-mail is sent by Chatbot or Bot

After utilizing RPA, my work process was changed like the following:

  1. Receive e-mail with the report, check it, and send it (to reporter or manager)

My work process for daily report was changed, and its work time was shortened. I think it was a big change for me.

업무 시간이 굉장히 단축되었다.
A Time to finish something was shortened
A Time to finish something was shortened.

Unexpected Discovery

Based on the above, it is certain that RPA and bot are giving convenience to us. However, after some months, I felt unexpected point, which is that I have recognized it is being less important as the time goes by. This is because I got used to the reports created and sent by RPA and Bot. Of course, it does not means that I ignored all reports. I just checked when the report had some issues or strange points. Anyway, in overall, I felt that those data, report, or something created by RPA or Bot are not critical.

I thought that those things by RPA or Bot are less valuable than by human. After recognizing this, I added new task, which is that I analyze the reports by RPA (or Bot), interpret those, and find new insights I have never experienced.

RPA 와 봇을 이용하다보니 의외의 포인트를 발견하였다.
Discovered unexpected point by using RPA and Bot
Discovered unexpected point by using RPA and Bot
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Promising Skill and Technology

Based on the case on the above, I realized that all works by human will be finally altered by RPA or A.I Bots in the future. Also, the most important thing I felt is that most people should improve abilities to analyze and interpret the things made by Robots, and find new insights with creativity.

In the past, as a smartphone was introduced in our daily life, most people did not remember phone numbers anymore. Like this, introducing and improving RPA and bots will lead new changes of our daily life. In spite of this big changes, most people will adapt them well. However, it is not easy to anticipate how our daily life will be changed.

Through this article, I hope that all people reading this imagine how our daily life and work environments will be changed.

Unexpected Insights by RPA and Bots

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