[Review]Squared Online with Google: Digital Marketing


Recently, due to effects of Coronavirus19(COVID19), interesting and demand of online education is sharply increasing. Among them, I will introduce one of related digital marketing online course (including its certificate). Few online education companies are offering digital marketing education curriculum and its certificate by getting its approval by Google.

구글의 인증과 허가를 받아 진행하고 있는 Squared Online
Squared Online Developed with Google, and Powered by AVADO
Squared Online Developed with Google, and Powered by AVADO

Also, there are no certificates related to digital marketing, as a public. Due to this situation, value of online education and related certificates will be higher as online business market and non face-to-face market are more activated.

Course Summary

First of all, this course is being operated in English. Please refer to this. This course is made of 5 courses.

  • Module 1 – Embracing change
  • Module 2 – Customer-centricity
  • Module 3 – Digital channels and technologies
  • Module 4 – Data, analytics and insights
  • Module 5 – Creating change
구글 스퀘어드온라인의 코스 메인 페이지: 총 6가지 모듈로 구성되어 있다.
Main Page of Google Squared Online: Set 6 Modules
Main Page of Google Squared Online: Set 6 Modules

This course mainly describes digital and digital marketing after the initial modules. Especially, when it comes to digital tools, it introduces various Google products related to this course, like Google Analytics.

An important thing in this course is that it is offering the newest data and trend, and its curriculum and contents are not fixed. And, there are some real human professor, which means that this course are not operated by machine or application. This point is different from other education courses.


This course is focusing on increasing practical experiences and basic knowledge. Also, opening the newest data and case studies makes a value of this course to be higher and higher.

Personally, I recommend for the people who is not working in business management / economy / digital, because it practically and easily describes related knowledge.

On the other hands, the people working in business management / economy / digital will feel that it is not attractive because most of them will already know related knowledge. However, it still has a high value because it can offer the newest data & news, and trend.

Totally, I recommend this course. However, because its cost is about $2,000, someone considering this course should think about its opportunity cost for themselves.

Review Summary

The following is simple summary for course review

  • Good for opening the trend news
  • Continuously writing English essay is very good and helpful
  • A little burden about its period (about 6 months)
  • Team project is really painful, but, experience with foreigners is so good
  • Getting its certificate is very good
  • May be easy for the people working in related area, such as economy, business, and digital

[Review]Squared Online with Google: Digital Marketing

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